Pain Medications & You

Book Title:

Pain Medications and You: A comprehensive guide to survive and thrive

Dr. Hoh's first book is Pain Medications and You: A comprehensive guide to survive and thrive. This book was created to answer the questions that have been asked by patients and families for decades. It debunks some of the myths and concerns that many families have. It reviews all the medicines used for pain and how they work. The responsibilities of the patients as well as the providers are discussed, and finally resources are provided for people suffering with pain.

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Who is Dr. Hoh?

Dr. Hoh has held positions in long term care, nursing education, and critical care. Her most recent position has been the coordinator of the Summit Anesthesia Pain Management Service at Overlook Hospital, NJ. In 2006 she received the Nurse Excellence Award from Overlook Hospital for her work in pain management.

She received the Clinical Practice Award from the American Society of Pain Management Nurses which was presented at the 2010 National Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Hoh has trained thousands in the art and science of pain management and end of life care as she conducts End Of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) and Pain Resource Nurse workshops for nurses and other healthcare professionals around the country.