We have an opioid epidemic in this country! The pendulum has shifted from making pain the fifth vital sign and using opioids for non-cancer pain to a rise in opioid prescriptions of over 200 percent in the past decade. The pendulum has now reached the other side and we have a heroin abuse problem with 49 people each day dying of a heroin overdose.

Long term care/Sub acute rehab (LTC/SAR) facilities are in the middle of this double-edged sword. Pain has always been undertreated in this country and LTC/SAR is no exception. In addition, we now are treating a population with a history of addiction, those who are actively using, and those in recovery. SAR are finding recreational drugs coming into the facility, patients saving their opioids, and many other types of aberrant behaviors that there may be no policies to address. The staff in LTC/SAR are not always trained to assess and treat the patient with substance use disorder. To compound this dilemma, we have legislation in many states restricting the use of opioids for patients with acute pain. Hospitals are sending patients to rehab with little or no pain meds and providers in SAR are not always comfortable determining the appropriate medication regimen for these patients especially if they come with substance use disorder as part of their history. These patients may find drugs to alleviate their pain if the health care system is not providing them.

Appropriate management of pain is a quality measure for both patients in long term care and sub-acute. The two courses listed below have been designed specifically for nurses in LTC/SAR with a goal to educate and therefore empower staff to feel more confident when managing pain for all patients as well as the patient with a history of substance abuse disorder.

Courses are offered at your facility with no limit on attendees. In addition to the 2 courses below, a geriatric palliative care course is also available. Call today to schedule a 1,2, or 3 day program for your facility!

Substance Use Disorder in LTC

This full day interactive course will empower the nurse to feel more comfortable when assessing and treating the patient with substance use disorder.

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Pain Management in LTC

This interactive full day program was designed for the nurse working in the long term care facility who is seeking a more comprehensive understanding of how to manage pain for both the sub-acute and long term care patient.

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Geriatric Palliative Care

This interactive full day course utilizes case studies and role play to educate the nurse on the implementation of palliative care in the long term care setting.

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* Are your nurses prepared to assess and treat addiction?

* Do you have policies in place for patients demonstrating

aberrant behavior?

* Would you like to have better pain scores?

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